The patient takes center stage

We aim to offer modern, high quality medicine combined with devotion to personal care for our patients. Due to highly diversified specialization in the field of medicine interdisciplinary causes for medical conditions are often ignored. To counteract this trend Klinik Dr. Robert Schindlbeck focuses on interdisciplinary cooperation with the patient’s wellbeing and benefit in mind.

Maybe you can relate to following experience: you are referred from one specialist to the next, each one a renowned expert in his field – but for you as patient this provides no satisfactory overall vision concerning your health condition.

This is exactly what we intend to counteract via intensive cooperation among specialists of all fields under one roof. We perceive our patients and their clinical pictures not as “technical” but integrated in correspondence with their individual life circumstances. In case of necessary operations or particular treatments we cooperate with specifically qualified physicians or clinics in order to restore your wellbeing. We define ourselves as your “guide” for all questions medical, somebody you can trust completely to give you advice at any time.

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