Palliative Medicine

„It’s not about giving life more days, but days more life.“

Cicely Saunders

What is palliative medicine?

Palliative medicine is not medicine for the dying. Palliative medical methods and approaches are also needed in the early stages or illnesses to some extent as soon as the diagnosis is known. It is the goal to enable the patient with a comfortable (i.g. pain-free) existence. Palliative medicine affirms life and rejects its abbreviation but also refuses pointless therapy attempts stressful for the patient and interfering with the goal to use the remaining life time to its fullest.

Palliative medicine respects the right of self-determination of the patient. The patient has the right to refuse treatments allowing a possible demise with this decision. Our specialized physicians, physical therapists, nursing staff as well as our social workers provide support for you and your relatives in this life situation. Our social education pedagogues and honorary hospice assistants, music and art therapists are consulted if necessary.

Our palliative rooms

The design of the palliative rooms has a homely informal and cosy athmosphere combined with the technical instrumental equipment of a modern hospital.
We provide you with a friendly bright single or twin bedroom. The rooms offer a view into our nice garden, some have partial lakeside view. Additionally we offer the possibility of having relatives and friends around at all times.

Our treatment objectives

With our palliative medical treatment we take aim to stabilize the patient physically as well as mentally.
We take the personality of every individual into account.
We consider relatives and friends of the patient as our partners.
We strive to fulfill the patients’ wishes to be discharged back into familiar surroundings if possible, another option would be the accomodation in a hospice facility. 


The use of our car park is free of charge for relatives. 
Please contact our front desk in the reception area to obtain a ticket.  

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