Nephrology & Dialysis

„The kidney often mirrors a systemic disease affecting the whole body.“ Max Gallo, Nephrologist, USA

Dr. med. Frank Ruediger, Senior Medical Consultant, Diabetology, Nephrology & Dialysis

The emphasis lies on diagnostics and therapy of renal disorders and hypertension. 

Our diagnostic range:

  • 24-hours blood pressure measurement
  • ultrasound scans of the kidney and efferent urinary tract
  • ultrasound scans of the renal vessels with color flow mapping and duplex
  • vascular plotting of renal arteries
  • uroflow measurement
  • laboratory-chemical, radiological and nuclear medical functional testing
  • renal biopsy
  • preparation of renal transplantation and follow-up care 

Alongside the treatment of renal underlying diseases diagnostics aim for the essential goal of early detection and treatment of accompanying illnesses collateral to renal insufficency such as renal anemia, renal osteopathy, forms of hyperparathyroidsm and hypertension with all consequences for the cardiovascular system. 


Lipid apheresis offers a further extracorporeal treatment option for lipometabolic disorders which cannot be medicinally controlled due to advanced arteriosclerosis.

Selective separation of pathogenic substances allows to feed purified blood back into the body in order to delay or prevent further cardiovascular complications.

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