Intensive & Emergency Medicine

„Our intensive and emergency medicine unit stands for maximum medical expertise and custodial acute treatment.“

Dr. med. Ahmad Jaber

In our emergency room with attached chest pain unit to clarify all sorts of acute chest pains we examine patients with all forms of internal and cardiologic clinical pictures and provide initial medical aid.

In an acute life-threatening situation a state-of-the-art equipped trauma room with direct access to the intensive care unit is available.

Patients in need of intensive medical care require the security of impeccable state-of-the-art medical devices combined with human professional competence. You find both in our intensive care unit with 14 beds monitored on a permanent level by our physicians and medical staff. This is where we treat patients with life-threatening conditions or internal emergencies with focus on cardiovascular diseases. Our ICU employs state-of-the-art oxygen resuscitation apparatus devices as well as other modern organ substitution procedures like dialysis in a 24/7 rota. The division also serves as acute stroke unit offering f. e. lysis therapy as efficient immediate therapy.

Highly specialized treatments are coordinated by a team of internists, cardiologists and neurologists working hand in hand with therapists and nursing specialists.

If every second counts the interdisciplinary emergency team of Klinik Schindlbeck is deployed. The team is always on call for medical emergencies at our wards and the complete hospital premises.

Chest Pain Unit

Given our cardiological competence the clinic operates a chest pain unit to determine causes for chest pain.

This special unit operates according to the regulations of the German Society for Cardiology. These require for example a 24/7 standby duty of a cardiologist and cardiac catheter team for the treatment of acute blockage of coronary vessels.

If every second counts the emergency team of Klinik Dr. Robert Schindlbeck is deployed. Of course our facilities include an easily accessible trauma room where emergency patients can be treated immediately with all methods of emergency medicine.

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