Plastic-Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

„Beauty means harmony between interior and exterior“

Dr. med. Christian Schrank, Specialist for Plastic-Aesthetic Surgery

Every person wants to look good even with increasing life age. The quality of life in correspondence to a steadily increasing life expectancy needs to be preserved and improved. Aesthetic surgeons pursue to achieve a harmony between our inner perception and the outer appearance.

By means of decade-long experience and an almost unique number of treatments of the aging face interested patients are presented with individual solutions and a reliable aesthetic treatment concept. Inter alia we refined face lift surgery to a new level in order to achieve a natural unoperated looking result with maximal durability always including thorough preliminary examination and analysis of individual circumstances.

Aesthetic surgery needs a maximum of ethical responsibility. Our aspiration concerning the treatment of patients  is to present you with the optimal method for your individual aesthetic or reconstructive form of treatment.

Of course the patient needs to be informed about the feasibility, risks and possible complications of the chosen method in a straightforward manner. Also during the formative years a young person may suffer because of his/her outer appearance. So the wish to correct and improve is formed for example a hump nose, receding chin, formal defects of the breast, saddle bag phenomenon or change of shape after pregnancy (flabbiness of breast, abdominal wall) or as result of extreme weight loss.

The utmost skill of the treatment of aging face and body forming procedures is to imitate nature and its harmonious forms in the best possible way. Plastic surgeons need to be artists and beauty lies within naturalness!

Our range of treatment

+       reconstructive surgery (for example puerile or aquired anomalies, scar treatment, skin and soft tissue tumors)

+       aethetic face surgery

  • face neck lift
  • brow lift
  • blepharoplasties of the upper and lower eyelid
  • rhinoplasty, profile design
  • autologous fat religning
  • ear set-back plasty and earlobe corrections
  • removal of wrinkles

+       Body-forming tratments:

  • liposuction
  • abdominoplasty
  • femoral lifting
  • forearm lifting 

+       Breast forming procedures

  • breast reduction﷒
  • breast lift
  • breast augmentation
  • gynecomastia treatment

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