„Diabetes as an acute medical condition is an additional challenge – we support you in this endeavor.“

Dr. med. Frank Ruediger, Leading Senior Physician Diabetology

As a specialist clinic with a cardiological main focus the majority of our patients also battle with diabetes mellitus. We feel obliged to offer our patients the best medical care, which means we also pay attention to your diabetes, no matter the initial reason you came to us into the clinic.

The inhouse diabetology is a unit currently under further development. We approach the patient in an integral way  in order to develop a comprehensive therapy concept with the patient. This includes medicinal treatment of diabetes mellitus, counseling and instruction of the patient as well as nutrition consultations and exercise programs if necessary.

To guarantee a seamless accomodation of derailed diabetes patients in the outpatient division we maintain a close cooperation with Diabeteszentrum (Diabetes Center) Ammersee.

The award of the certificate „Clinic Suitable for Diabetes Patients“ granted by the German Diabetes Society reflects the quality of our work.

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