Hematology & Oncology

 "Our main focus is to gently accompany a stressful time."

Dr. med. Ingrid Raßmann, Senior Physician

The hematologic-oncologic practice focuses on diagnostics and therapy of benign and malign tumors of all organs, benign and malign illnesses of the hematopoietic system as well as illnesses of the lymphatic and immune system. For the detection of the clinical picture we have state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures at our disposal especially due to our inhouse hematologic laboratory and our hematologic-oncologic special diagnostics. We perform bone marrow biopsies as well as ultrasound, computer and magnetic resonance tomography without any difficulty.

We know that a cancer diagnosis is considered as one of the most stressful events in our patients’ lives. Therefore it is of utmost importance to accompany you right from the beginning. We want to show ways, to be a port of call for all questions you may have considering your current situation. We also see ourselves as contact persons for your family and relatives. Beside the comprehensive therapeutic treatment spectrum we offer a complex network of accompanying measures to facilitate your handling of your cancerous disease. This includes nutrition counseling, active exercise therapy but also a long-lasting psycho-oncologic support like music and talk therapy.

The cooperation with our inhouse palliative medical unit is an important additional pillar dealing with life-threatening cancerous diseases. To enable home-care we collaborate closely with your general practitioner, nursing services and the local institutions of palliative care if necessary. 


Following diagnostic procedures are available:

  • hemato-oncologic specialized diagnostics
  • analysis of coagulation dysfunction and dysfunction of the immune system
  • puncture and bone marrow biopsy (biopsy of the iliac crest)
  •  sonography with selective puncture of tumors or lymph nodes
  • morphologic-cytological diagnostics of tumor aspirates, lymph nodes, bone marrow, ascites and pleura aspirates
  • complete analyses of the stages and aftertreatment care including laboratory, ultrasound, mammography, computer and magnetic resonance tomography and scintigraphy
  • evaluation (second opinion)

Due to our inhouse specialist practice for hematology and oncology including practice clinic we can offer continuous care - outpatient as well as hospitalized

The therapeutic treatment spectrum offers:

  • treatment with chemotherapy according to international therapeutic regulations, ambulant at the outpatient practice clinic or with the help of mobile pumps
  • implantation, supervision and explantation of intravenous port systems
  • treatment according to national and international therapeutic regulations
  • immunomodulatory therapy
  • transfusion of blood and blood components
  • substitution of immunoglobulin
  • pain management
  • palliative medical care
  • enteral and parenteral nutrition
  • psycho-oncologic support
  • outpatient care in cooperation with a general practitioner and nursing services
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