Dr. Joachim Neudert

Cardiology & Nephrology

Dr. med. Joachim Neudert is certified as interventional cardiologist according to German Society for Cardiology (Deutsche gesellschaft für Kardiologie): to certificate. The cardiologist and nephrologist is established with own practice in Herrsching.


•  clinical training at the University Clinic Großhadern 1987-2000, Medical Clinic I (focus on: cardiology, nephrology, pulmonology), University of Munich by Prof. Riecker, Prof. Steinbeck, Prof. Samtleben.
•  chief resident at the private ward F22 1993-1995
•  internal medicine (1995) cardiology (1998) and nephrology (2000)
•  2000 to 2005 senior medical consultant at Clinic Memmingen under the auspices of Prof. G. König: intracardiac catheter laboratory, intensive care unit, dialysis and nephrology, admission ward.
•  non-invasive cardiology, 50 publications up to 2011, many on echocardiography.
•  intracardiac catheter specialist since 1991: Invasive cardiology, to date over 5,600 intracardiac catheters implanted, all interventional cardiological techniques and acute interventions.
•  nephrology 1996-2000: outpatient clinic, dialysis, transplantation nephrology (Prof. Land, Dept. for Transplantation Surgery, University of Munich). Over 200 renal biopsies.
•  01.07.2005: establishement of own specialist practice at the home town of Herrsching
•  18.10.2005: first intracardiac catheter examination in Herrsching, opening of the intracardiac laboratory
•  January 2009: foundation of the Professional Association for Cardiologists BFK, member of the board as secretary and internet representative www.bfk-verband.de 
•  January 2011: re-election to the board of BFK
•  JNovember 2011: the number of intracardiac examinations in Herrsching exceeds 1000
•  2013: re-election to the board of BFK
•   2014: certification as interventional cardiologist according to German Society for Cardiology (Deutsche gesellschaft für Kardiologie): PDF download 
This signifies a particular qualification by far exceeding the usual extent of a cardiologist concerning intracardiac catheter procedures like balloon dilatation and stent implantation. More information concerning the certification as interventional cardiologist.

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