Quality Management

“Quality starts with putting the contentment of our patients into the main focus of our activities." 

Andreas Hutterer, Quality Management Commissioner

The issue of patient care quality plays a central role at Klinik Dr. Robert Schindlbeck. Concerning quality policy the clinic orients itself according to regulations standards DIN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN 15224:2012-12 ('Health Standards') 

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 The services we offer are of excellent quality if they  

• distinguish themselves through consistency and sustainability 

• enable comparability

• guarantee a smooth conduct for our patients and partners

• give our patients a sense of security and ensure that they are satisfied

• give our staff a sense of security and ensure that they are satisfied

• are performed in compliance with the latest state-of-the-art 

We achieve this goal by  

• continuously improving all processes

• creating value-enhancing, customer-oriented processes

• creating transparency of our quality assurance measures for all staff members and patients

• documenting security for patients and staff members

• ensuring that our knowledge and skills are kept up-to-date at all times

In order to meet these requirements we want and must put our patient and customer services to the test by conducting regular internal and external quality controls (audits).

Since 2010 we are a membership clinic at the quality forum “Qualitätskliniken.de” With our quality management we pursue the target to be a “quality clinic” and commit ourselves to meet the accompanying high quality standards.


In December 2015 our entire clinic was successfully certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2008 standard and declared conformal to DIN EN 15224:2012-12.

As one of the first private clinics in Germany Klinik Dr. Robert Schindlbeck Herrsching establishes a comprehensive quality management system not only according to internationally established DIN EN ISO 9001 standard but also conformal to the specific 15224 standard of the health care sector.

The 15224 standard makes very high demands concerning the quality of a clinic taking organization as well as the quality of optimal patient care into account. Professional aspiration is of the essence in this regard.

The recipe for success of Klinik Dr. Robert Schindlbeck is the continuous development concerning quality, innovation and continuity to achieve the very best for our patients. 


True to the motto of founder Dr. Robert Schindlbeck: “People always take center stage.”

Quality Reports

The quality report of our clinic gives you an overview about quality management performed at our clinic. As required by law the quality report is intended as information and decision tool for patients.

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