Physiotherapy Team

„Our hands want to help you to improve your quality of life.“

Team Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an important and useful addition to any recovery process. Therefore the range of our provided treatments is very diversified to offer all necessary support during your recovery process. Stroke patients for example are treated on a neurophysiological basis to regain motoric abilities. For the mobilization of of spinal conditions as well as for rheumatic or diabetes patients we offer tailor-made courses.

Our range of treatments

physical therapy & remedial gymnatics (Bobath, Dorn, Brügger, Mulligan concept and more)

  • manual therapy
  • respiratory therapy
  •  craniosacral therapy
  • myofacial techniques
  • osteopathic treatments
  • sling table & extension therapy
  •  foot reflexology treatment
  •  lymphatic drainage
  •  relaxation techniques
  • carbonic-acid-baths
  • massages (classic, connective tissue massage and more)
  •  thermotherapy (natural mud fango, hot role, hot air, red light and cryotherapy)
  • electrotherapy: electric stimulation, microwave and ultrasound therapy  
  • group gymnastics (spinal gymnastics, Rheumatism League)
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